Abort on first move disabled




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Abort on first move disabled

Hi, I think the option to abort on move 1 should be disabled. It is rude, unsporting, and time wasting. It is the person's SOLE responsibility to make sure he/she doesn't click on a game he/she doesn't want to join. The frequency of people aborting has increased, at least with the games I play. For example, a 1500 player aborted on me once in a 2000 cubit game to avoid loss(My rating is 1945.) Can you please think about this idea for the next version?


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Re: Abort on first move disabled

Good evening,

I am with you too, I am against aborting an started game, if you do not with to play a game because of some circunstances you can always just not join the seeked game or not starting another game.

There are people who just play white too. Just resigning on move 1 with black. I like chesscube's policy of switching places after one complete game.

I hope they implement the non abortable games.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Abort on first move disabled

Yes, I'm also with itsover9000 with that one. If people are just going to abort games on move 1, why don't they just not join the game? It is especially rude if someone made a seek, someone else joined the game, and aborted it. The person just basically wasted all his/her time doing the seek and must spend more time doing another seek.



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Re: Abort on first move disabled

sorry for discouraging u but i would like to have this aborting option because in list mode the challenges always shuffles a lot like its more likely possible to select a wrong seek due to shuffling so whats my posistion if i clicked on 2000 cubits game instead of 20 cubits one :shifty: (e)

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