VIP Membership Not Working




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VIP Membership Not Working

I get this VIP membership for a week. I assume this is due to weekly competition. However, until this day, 1 day before expiry, I have almost never felt the effect. I cannot see video. I cannot use analysing feature to my games. No video. And so on.
The interesting thing is that I don't get crown either for winning.

Please helo me resolve this and how about fair compensation ?

Thank you,
J M Marcellinus


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Re: VIP Membership Not Working

Good day,

Marcellinus, you cannot use the analise feature anymore, it has been around a year now since you cannot use it... about the videos , I am not too sure when you get those, and about crowns, it seems to me more likely that you have got to level 100 to win the 1 week vip than with playing games.

Regards Xabier.

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