Forfeits on time after making a move




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Forfeits on time after making a move

The problem:
1. My opponent disconnected
2. My opponent reconnected
3. I made my move. There still was about 3 minutes for me.
4. No any moves or any other actions - but i "Forfeit on time" (I was waiting of opponent move!)
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Re: Forfeits on time after making a move

this bug will be solved soon by admin_



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Re: Forfeits on time after making a move

That happens to me too, even if no one was disconnected. I think that your opponent actually moves, but your screen still says that they are to move and their clock is counting down, but actually yours is, and it won't let you move (I've tried refreshing the page, nothing works for me). Kinda annoying. (h)



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Re: Forfeits on time after making a move

The problem persists
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