Feature request: Game ratings in history




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Feature request: Game ratings in history

[How Feature Would Work]
I have played 5000+ games and like the history option. I would like to rate my own games so that I can easily find whatever I played without scanning through my 5000+ games. This could also be implemented like gmail's version of "important" mails. You can call this "curate" because "you rate" it :)



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Re: Feature request: Game ratings in history

nice idea...but i think we can Share or Email our best games...anyway,this idea is also good..!!!
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Re: Feature request: Game ratings in history

Good day,

Indeed this is a really nice idea, it should be nice if it could get implemented. I have over 20000 games with standar and tournament games to search through. I can't posibly reach a game easily.

It would be nice if we could have some filters like openings used, colour played, moves made, result in the game win(time win, oponent disconnected, oponent resigned and checkmate)/lose(time lose, disconnect, resign, checkmate)/draw(agreed, oponent stalemate me, I stalemate oponent, I outpushed oponent with just the king, oponent outpushed me with just the king), played timer, rated(cubits gambled) or unrated any more filters are welcome.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Feature request: Game ratings in history

Yep, I would also love it if there could be a option like this

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