Cubits error?




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Cubits error?

I've been around this website for about 1~2 days. And i really enjoy it. But i found one problem!
When i was joining games, in the filter i selected "unrated" and 0 cubits.
And in the game, i still lost 10 cubits even winning the match!
I talked to my opponent and asked him how to play without losing cubits! He replied that if you select "unrated" or just select 0 cubits you wont lose any!
So we played another match and this time, when the game started it said on top "-10 cubits"
So i asked him "hey, i just lost 10 cubits!!!" , he said that i would get them back in the end!
And when the game was over (i lost this time actually) i was not refunded with the 10 cubits from the beginning of the game!
So i dont know if this is some kind of error of it is supposed to be like this! If it is, how do i play without any cubits on the line....how can i play just for fun?

Thank you in advance!



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Re: Cubits error?


Welcome to ChessCube firstly, I hope you enjoy it here :dance:

Games on ChessCube cost 10 cubits even if you play an unrated game or a rated game with no wager involved. We however do offer a daily bonus to our users up to 100 cubits per day.

You could join free tournaments at no cubit cost and if you are lucky enough to win you could earn many more cubits :clap:

VIP members have their games played at no cost; they could play unlimited games and that is one of the benefits of being a paid member.

If I could be of further assistance please let me know here, or message me online.




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Re: Cubits error?

hey I have to playing with 1000 cubit.. before i play i have 28305 cubit .. i play with my opponent with 1000 cubit and i will... but my cubit still same... how i must to do...



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Re: Cubits error?

I have over 500 cubits but i cant wager over 100..



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Re: Cubits error?

sanchez66 wrote:I have over 500 cubits but i cant wager over 100..

You may be under level 30! Then you come over level 30 you can wager over 100 cubits!



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Re: Cubits error?

I also have been playing and when I play I lose cubits each game, whether it is rated, unrated, win or lose even when there is a wager! I won 7 games and lost 2 against one opponent and my cubits balance went from a couple hundred to 15.

I'm very confused, soon I won't be able to play at all...

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