Forfeiting on time....




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Forfeiting on time....

so i was playing a guy called deepak911 and at the engame it was his move... he didnt move 2 minutes and suddenly when he had 30 seconds and i had 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the screen showed me that i had forfeited on time (i didnt have any time left) :@ is this guy a cheater ot it is just a bug



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Re: Forfeiting on time....

I think it is a bug because it happens frequently to me and sometimes I forfiet and sometimes the opponent does. It seems to happen more on 15 min games or longer. If I play 1 min games then I'm usually able to actually finish a game. I know I won't be paying for vip again unless they fix it.


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Re: Forfeiting on time....

Good day,

I think it tend to happen more if your pc is at full capacity and your connection is not too good, since the latter one is not that easy to fix in some areas fix the first one, to lower the usage of pc capacity look here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=684&

Regards Xabier.

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