Can you please do somthing about tournament sandbaggers?




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Re: Can you please do somthing about tournament sandbaggers?

and be aware this is new to me they are adding to you friendlist then sending you a challange for the prize 1000 cubits,do not fool them



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Re: Can you please do somthing about tournament sandbaggers?

as soon as you ban a player they will sign up with another email and do it all again, anyway!



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Re: Can you please do somthing about tournament sandbaggers?

massivepawn wrote:Can this topic please be pinned to the top of the page? This is a huge issue. Basically every high rated player I have chatted to seems to have two accounts, a high rated one and a low rated one which they use to win U1600, U1800 tournaments, and get time advantages etc.
Can Chesscube use IP adresses to only allow one account per person please? Also, couldn't players tournament wins be tracked to determine if they are underrated? A 1400 rated player should not be winning ANY tournaments, yet I see this happen (with perfect win record) almost everyday. Can chesscube please stop unrated tournaments? I don't see the point in them, except to serve as perfect places for sandbaggers to come back to again and again to take the prizes without their rating going up. It is frustrating to play competitively against a 2000 rated player, and then get absolutely demolished by a 1400 rated player.
Thanks to any Admin that reply to this post.

hye there dear chesscube user,we at cc are stampin down very hard on this subject form of cheeting, we have a dedicated cheet investigation teem who now monitor live tourneys and are constantly checking their history,,they get reported to the cheet room and are dealt with swiftly if proven,,i understand it is demoralising getin sandbagged,but please remember we are doin our upmost best to stamp down on this,kind regards whitetyson :)



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Re: Can you please do somthing about tournament sandbaggers?

hi my id is banned and i was not cheating at all ............and if i have cheated iam soory for that i request u give my id back as it contains many crowns and my money i beg u

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