Time cheat?




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Time cheat?

This is my first post so please be nice... I played an opponent (triggerwolf) in a 1 min game and first of all i premoved almost every move just to let you know before i go on......anyways if your v.i.p and reading this post you can actually watch the replay of my game and watch the time also so you can see how the time was..anyways at the end i had 28seconds left and he had 12 sconds left....and some how he made 61 moves in that amount of time . (note i was premoving so he must of been also)...but my time was going down slowly...and i was playing really bad at the end because my time was going down and his stayed almost stayed the same to make 61 moves in 12 seconds.

for v.i.p u can watch the replay of this game and watch the time....hardcore_pawn vs triggerwolf 1 min game 13/04/12 23:52


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Re: Time cheat?

Good day,

I watched the game. I must say that he just premoved a lot of moves, and played quite fast in the end, but anyone can make 60+ moves in 10 secs if they premove and the moves to make are somehow limited. When you got just your king moves left he could premove every move without taking into account your moves thus the last 30 moves could be done in the same sec. Where as the other 30 or so could be a bit more complicated to do but not that much.

Sorry to say but I must say that he is/was more consistent with few time left moves than what you were.

Regards Xabier.

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