URGENT toward cc staff




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URGENT toward cc staff

i was banded for sandbagging/underated player but i had only played about 21 wager games and created this account TODAY. This ban occurred on round 4/4 of my first tournament in which my 2106(around) rating of wager was in effect. The tournament was a rated no criteria. I have pretty much won every game and have not experienced any rating loss to be considered lowering my rating. my user is: chessdirector. chessdirector is my youtube channel name aswell in which i have a popular chess network. This ban is incorrect and there is NO evidence to support it, do analyse my stats and game history. I request the account to be unbanned.



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Re: URGENT toward cc staff


You have self-played and transferred cubits to your other account. Please revise our ChessCube Acceptable Usage Policy

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