question about site safety




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question about site safety

I didn't know about chesscube until about 4 years ago when a co-worker of mine said he "plays here all the time." So I checked this site out but quit playing here because my computer would always act like it was under attack when I logged on. Out of curiosity, I tried to log on at a public library and it actually said "unsafe" which even surprised the librarian. Anyway, I thought I'd give it another chance but unfortunately a different location has meant the same result.

This isn't a criticism of the chesscube site because there may be factors involved which I don't understand (like a certain type of flashdrive or so). I am not knowledgible about computers and I don't work for another company or anything like that, I just get bored at home and want to play without any hassles. If I could get some help or info about what to do or where to go I'd really appreciate it.



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Re: question about site safety

Hey Crownpeasant!

Very good question.
ChessCube is 100% safe - we've been up and running for going on 6 years, without any issues reported by our users :).
The reason you may have received messages is based on the software that our website is built on - Adobe Flash Player. First off, Flash needs to be installed to log in to ChessCube, and from there, you need to provide permission for Adobe Flash to store setting files on your PC. These contain your preferences inside the ChessCube application, and is saved so that you do not constantly need to set anything up when you re-visit ChessCube.

If you have any questions - please contact our Support team at [email protected] - we'd be happy to assist you with any further information.

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