w8 time bug




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w8 time bug

when i am using wireles whit hes greate signal (I play BP4F whit no lag or problems) i have a problem and it hepens very often evry 3hird game and the problem is thet i move and then it seys it is opponent turn and his time is droping and exemple his time starts 3:00 and my is 2:00 and his time drops to 2:20 and he moves and [email protected]#* my time drops to 1:35 and his restors to 2:55 if you get the point it is like i was disconnected or in lag for 40sec or more (probably alwies more beacuse i lost aprocimaty 1-2min per move) i am sure i am not disconected for thet time beacuse i can open any internet adress and can play any other game so i tink it is probably probelm whit java reacting bad on 1ms disconcts or somthing so [email protected]#* to do?



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Re: w8 time bug

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