can't play




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can't play

new member can log in to the site but can't log in to the game..



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Re: can't play

After registering Ur account,u get logged into the chess cube app and Ur default settings are with 15 min rated,u can change them and play with the conditions u wish,also when on low cubits u need to earn them by playing or buy them to play more,also vips have unlimited games,u can buy that feature,if u still have problems explain it clearly.




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Re: can't play

1. click on the board icon “play” tab (on the top left side)
2. select game type (Standard/Chess960/Any)
Standard: If you want to play standard (normal) chess
Chess960: If you want to play chess 960 (where pieces are set up in different starting positions)
Any: If you want to play either standard or 960 chess
3. select your preferred time control from the drop-down list
4. tick / untick the “rated” box
Ticked: If you want the game to affect your rating
Unticked: If you don’t want the game to affect your rating
5. select your preferred rating range by clicking on the ^ button and drag to the left and right on the scale to set your rating range
Left scale: Sets the minimum of your preferred rating range – can be between 500 below your current rating and 0 below your current rating
Right scale: Sets the maximum of your preferred rating range – can be between 500 above your current rating and 0 above your current rating....

For More Detail Chesk The Below Link..

Play Rated games>> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3469

Play Unrated games>> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3470

New ChessCube user>> viewtopic.php?f=12&t=43
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