[feature request] who's playing




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[feature request] who's playing

Hi there boys and girls
Would it be possible to mark (with a blue dot or something else) my friends who are on line and actually playing a game? That way I can easily see whether my favorite player is playing so that I can watch him/her.
At the bottom there is the row of avatars of all my friends. I was wondering if that avatar could be changed somehow to reflect that a player is playing a game. To get the same effect I open the player's private chat and it says at the top something like 'This player is currently playing a game and might not respond.' That's how I know he/she is playing and then I shoot off to the 'Watch my buddies' games' list, look their name up and watch their game. It would be REALLYcool if I could just click on the blue dot (or whatever) and go straight to that game.

Look, I know that these things need to be programmed line by line and that something that is simply put could well be anything but simple to execute. :)

ChessCube rocks and I wish you all the best with this site which is gaining admiration and getting attention from so many people from all over the globe. CC is the place where friends meet.


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Re: Suggestion: who's playing

This is a good idea Marius, and we've given it thought before.
With V4, you could pin the "Watch" tab or the "Friends" tab, and easily see your buddies' games. Of course that function got removed in V5 - making it require slightly more effort to follow a friend (as you mentioned in your post).

We'll see how our product updates flow this year, and may have time to develop this.

Thanks for your post!

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Re: Suggestion: who's playing

:dance: i like this one too
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Re: [feature request] who's playing

Yup Really a nice & cool Idea.... (h)



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Re: [feature request] who's playing

Jees, you know, I just don't get to the forum often enough!
The job you fellas did on my suggestion is awesome. Thanks



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Re: [feature request] who's playing

i like this idea :-|

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