Not regianing cubits and winnings




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Not regianing cubits and winnings

I played a game for 1000 cubits which when i took a significant lead my opponent just timestalled for 10-12 minutes. When the timer was finally at zero it said i won and that he forfitted on time. But i never got my 1800 cubits or rank points. So now I am brooke...?

It did something like "check the servers 10 sec at the end if it helps.




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Re: Not regianing cubits and winnings

You appear to have won 2 and lost 2, games with 2,000 cubit wagers
on the date of your forum post.

What is the date, and your opponent's handle, for the game you are
inquiring about?

It is common and not unusual for the server to be 'checking' that the
game has ended (I think that has something to do with adjusting for
lag or seeing if one of the players has disconnected). The game result
should follow as usual just afterwards.



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Re: Not regianing cubits and winnings

The same thing happened to me twice already. In a lost position opponent just disconnects and I have to wait for his time to run out. For the first couple of minutes there is a caption "opponent has disconnected and will forfeit on time" but soon it just disappears (could it be that at that moment opponent just re-logs in to the server?) and after timer runs out it says "opponent forfeits on time" but no rating points are awarded. And afterwards this game even is not showing up in the game history. This is very frustrating.

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