Post Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:17 am

READ THIS FIRST BEFORE Suggesting New Features

Thanks for all of your ideas for improving ChessCube, we welcome any and all ideas that will improve the experience of our users.

Like Bug reporting, please submit ONLY one feature per forum post, we know you may have a hundred ideas, but submitting them all in one post, or even multiple follow-up posts makes it difficult for us to track them individually.

Other users: if you like some one's feature request, PLEASE say so. You can discuss how the feature request could be improved etc. or how important you see the feature as well. But don’t suggest totally new features in the same thread – we then have to dig to find it then – just start a new post if you have a new idea. Also, try to avoid duplicates by reading the current feature requests, and add your thoughts if a request is similar to yours instead of starting a new post.

To make this section useful, we have some guidelines for how to submit a Feature Request.

[Feature Subject]
Like a bug subject, this needs to be concise and useful. Users and developers should be able to quickly get the idea of the feature you want by reading the subject line.
Sort people list in a room by rating, name or title
Noplay option for players you don’t want to play again

[How Feature Would Work]
If you have ideas for how you would want the feature to work, add them here.
1. On top of People list, have a button labeled Sort
2. When you click the button, it gives you the options “Rating, Name, Title”
3. The People list is then sorted by the option you select

[More Information, including Priority] - Optional
If you want to discuss the feature more, do so in this section. You can also stress how much you really want this feature, for instance, you won’t play on Cube until this feature is implemented! Or maybe the bug is trivial, but nice.

Feature images: if you are creative, and want to do a mock-up of a screenshot with arrows and words for how your feature may work or look, please feel free to do so! Add your images by following these steps:
1. Click on “Attach Files” button in your post
2. Browse for your image – you can leave the description blank