Problems With My Mouse and Google Chrome




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Problems With My Mouse and Google Chrome

Hey there,

I haven't experienced this problem before, but lately in chrome my mouse is very terrible in chrome. I have my sensitivity up all the way and the mouse itself is fine, but once a game starts, it's as though the mouse is at the lowest setting. I thought it was originally an issue with my mouse, however when I tried a game in Internet Explorer and Firefox the mouse performs exactly as it should and is just like it always was (and should be). So I'm not sure what's going on. I don't know if it's an issue with my version of chrome or with a recent update to your software. I would say it's chrome but again, the mouse has been absolutely fine other than recently.

I have tried all basic troubleshooting such as restarting my browser and computer.




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Re: Problems With My Mouse and Google Chrome

Yeah you are right..in these days..users Those are using chrome has some problem(slugging pieces problem)..try to change your browser..use IE,Firefox,safari..and also update the falsh player..

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