Post Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:01 am

Lack of mating material when it is Stalemate

Hi all,
First sorry for my double submitting of this issue i just realized i wasn't signed in to chesscube and yet I posted a topic.

I love your site very much. Recently I found minor issue that is probably rear to come by but here it is:
The problem is in wrong game outcome message I got when opponent put my king in a stalemate.

I was moving very fast so I used your option of moving before my turn (when my next move is highlighted red).

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of the situation but I will try to explain the bug.

So it was my opponent's move and I have moved the king marking my next move. My opponent overlooked the position and brought a stalemate as an outcome, so the game ended and my king was highlighted red on it's would be field (which became illegal).

The outcome said that the game is drawn by insufficient mating material, when it was actually drawn by a stalemate since my opponent had a lot of pawns a bishop and another minor piece.

Game ended good for me and I was lucky so I decided to return the favor and let you in on this.

Happy coding :)