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Bug reporting - get rewarded! [Version 5.36]

If you experience a bug, please come to the forum to log it OR add more information to an existing bug that someone previously had logged… even saying you also had the bug (“Me too!”) is useful information (because we want to see how many people are affected by the bug).

In an effort to make ChessCube as bug free as possible, we will be rewarding users who report bugs with free Cubits.

How will it work?
  • If you encounter any cosmetic bugs or spelling errors, we’ll award you with 5 Cubits.
  • If you encounter a bug, and send us a screenshot, however you cannot provide accurate steps to replicate the bug, we’ll award you with 5 Cubits.
  • If you encounter a bug, and you send us a screenshot together with accurate steps on replicating the bug, we’ll award you with 20 Cubits.
  • If you can submit a cheat mechanism that you can reproduce (something that either lets you win a game, avoid loss, get Cubits or Experience Points for free), we will also reward you 100 Cubits. – For these reports, please email [email protected] directly, do not post these on the Forum.
* The user that reports the bug first will get Cubits, any user thereafter will not receive free Cubits. If you feel you’re the first user to submit a bug, send us the URL of the forum post together with a copy of your post to [email protected], and we will reward you shortly thereafter.
*Existing bugs logged on our Forum or ChessCube Support will not be considered when requesting free Cubits

How to submit a good bug report:

• Give us the subject of the bug – Example: “Rating points lost when winning game”
• Provide the steps on how to replicate the bug
• Tell us what you expected to see, then what you actually saw
• Provide us with the specs of your system specs – Example: OS – Windows 7, DSL/Broadband connected via Wireless, Internet Explorer 8, CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.75GHZ RAM: 1.87GB
• Provide any additional information not included above that you feel would help us replicate/squash the bug.

Capturing and uploading screenshots to your forum post:

If you think a screenshot helps to illustrate the bug you experienced, you can use the “Attach Files” functionality of the post.

To get a screenshot of the bug, follow these steps (for Windows):
1. Click on the Print Screen (“Prt Scr”) button on your keyboard. If you also hold down Alt when you do this, you will get only the current window you are on.
2. Paste the resulting screenshot into a photo editor or Paint (under accessories), modify it further if you want to (e.g. crop sections, add arrows/circles to point out exact area or problem) and then save it as a jpeg, or gif image.
3. Click on “Attach Files” button in your post
4. Browse for your image – you can leave the description blank
5. After you submit the bug, the image will be uploaded

If you are a good bug finder we may invite you to join our special beta testers group - where you can test new builds before anyone else!

Please note, only bug reports from V5.36 onwards will be considered for a reward.

Thanks for your efforts in logging bugs and giving us all the information we need to fix them!