Wrongly banned




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Wrongly banned

My account Venomslayer was banned yesterday due to the claim that I was using a chess engine of some sort. I have not got an email of some sort that say what evidence they banned me on.

The only think I can think of is that my friend Ljuslykta which was watching me play through Skype jokingly said this because I was winning. I did in fact not use a chess engine and a few minutes after this i got banned. Although you are able to create a new account I heavily prefer the old one due to lvls/rating and stuff that i bought.

If you want to redirect this somewhere please do becuase I was unsure where i should talk to someone about this.

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Re: Wrongly banned

@godztv mail these details to [email protected] and u could get evidences why u were banned...also remember that every ban is based on checking of a single or group of moderators and banned only if they are 100% sure.

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