Buyin cubits and IE crashed.. MOD HELP!? :/




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Buyin cubits and IE crashed.. MOD HELP!? :/

Help i just bought cubits for 2 x 5,000 but it doesn't show in my account? I clicked ok after putting my credit card information and it seemed like it went through then my internet explorer crashed. I closed it re opened chess cube and now i still have the same amount of cubits which is (3) and i didn't get my reload which should have been 10,000... My bank got charged so, how do i get back these? I know it was a glitch but can we reverse it or even just give me the cubits in my account. What ever the outcome please let me know soon so i don't have to call my bank to take it off. Thanks. Common man the 1 min tables are calling me :P

Thanks again mods..



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Re: Buyin cubits and IE crashed.. MOD HELP!? :/

People actually buy cubits? :|

Why? :think:

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