Disconnect causes weird happenings.




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Disconnect causes weird happenings.

Something keeps happening for several weeks. If I disconnect by accident, but even come back online after 15 seconds, my game appears (to me) as if my opponent never moves again, and after his time runs out, a 1 appears by my name on that screen. However (and I know this from playing a friend) from their point of view they are given the point. Also I lose rating points, so clearly the system has me down as a loss. How can I stop this happening? I used to be able just to carry on playing, but lose the 15 seconds or so that I disconnected for. My connection is good for every other website, it's not clear to me why i keep disconnecting from CC in the first place. But given that it is, this seems to be a bug.

In the help room on CC, Sansen said
16:08 Sansen: its a bug in the system, try not to get disconnected to avoid it

So I've been playing around for a little while since then, and as I can't work out why I disconnect, I can't stop myself disconnecting. As it is a known bug with CC, is it likely to be fixed soon? It could be as simple as an in-game refresh option if I suspect this to be happening (not ideal, but would work). If I try to refresh the page in the browser, the game will count it as a forfeit.




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Re: Disconnect causes weird happenings.

The Bug is cleared now i suppose,those were also happening to me,but currently i dont see them in my path

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