Want 10-30 min long games in watch list




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Want 10-30 min long games in watch list

Frankly speaking here people dont play long games,But what is the fun or learning stuff in watching bullet or blitz games?where one guy has lost queen but trying to win the game in time and succeeded !?I would be more interested to view a 2000 cc rated guy playing 10-30 min time controlled game than a 2700 rated guys bullet,and I am sure many player will agree on this.so my request stop giving preference to ratings and do something such many chess fans get some material to learn from here,



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Re: Want 10-30 min long games in watch list

Chat rooms have "live games" lists, view those. In the larger chat rooms (Cube Cafe, Help Beginners), you'll often find several games of that character, and on this site you can have more than one game open (so, you can switch between games when one slows down you can view the more active one(s)).

This site recently shutdown the longer game tournaments (concerns about cheating, but I say, reduce the entry fees and prizes and the incentive for cheating goes out the window), and the loss of those tournaments leads to the loss of many longer game players.
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