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[Follow Feature]

[Feature Subject]
Chesscube would benefit worlds from having a Follow feature. This feature would allow users to follow a user as they play chess games without adding them as friends and would automatically start the next game if the player of interest was in a tournament.

[How Feature Would Work]
The feature could be added in the menu when you click to view someone's information. i.e.

(View Profile)
(Private Chat)
(Add to Friends)

[More Information, including Priority]

I have been on Chesscube for less than a year but one common reoccurring theme that pops up in chats I have with other players is their disappointment about the lack of a Follow feature. This website is a competitive website that competes with chesscom and the ICC and a few others. These websites have Follow features and CC would benefit greatly by adding this. Adding a player to the friends list is an extended way to do this however it requires the other player to accept and often enough when the player is very high rated they wont accept friend requests. This means that we have to track down each and every game through a tournament if we want to see our favorite players play.

I realize that CC is a flash based game and this requires a bit of cleverness to implement but I am confident that it can be done and it would bring CC to par with the ICC and Chesscom.

Thank you for your time. Best regards,

Markov Bastion


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Re: [Follow Feature]

Good day Darkbastion,

Nice feature you are requesting. I hope it gets developed some day. That is an interesting subject to be able to continue games of some top players while they play interesting games or crucial games in tournaments.

Let's hope it is implemented for new versions.

Regards Xabier.

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