Post Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:56 pm

Continuous Warzone! [THE IDEA!]

As we know, to start a 'World warzone' tournament most of the time players need to wait to fill the tourney, sometimes more than 15 minutes. I have come up with an idea of continuous warzone.

Let's consider this:

- The Warzone tournament will run for longer period may be 3/6 hours or for unlimited time.
- The Warzone will start when there are minimum players available, say for example 15. If the connected participants drops below 15 it will pause, soonest it goes over 15, the warzone will automatically resume. Easy part!
- Any participants can leave the tourney any time and also can join anytime.

- There will not be any fixed entry free, rather participants will be charged on per game basis (may be 5/10 cubits per game), as some would want play 15 minutes, some would want to play longer period.
- Now the big question is prize money?! As nobody will play whole and night continuously, we need to arrange prize money in a tricky money. How? When a participant is leaving we can calculate some variables like minimum game played by the participant, the time duration continuously he was playing, opponents ratings and so on. We will need a prize pool i.e. current total amount of cubits paid by the participants, from that pool leaving participants will be awarded a fraction of the cubits as prize depending on some variables( such as number of game played by him, duration etc.).
- In the tiny information box (where currently we see our position in the tournament), all participants will be be able see current prize pool and if they leave now whether they gonna win any cubits, if so, how many! [I don't believe the algorithm will be that much difficult for this part :)]
- Also, a 2100/2300 rated player easily wins against a 1400 and none of get benefited from it. So, I am suggesting 3 groups. May be the first group below 1400, second group above 1400 and below 1900 and the other one above 1900 ratings.


Chesscube: As continuously games are on progress on the proposed warzone, cubits will drain/move much faster.
Players: Players will not need to wait for a warzone to be started and, not bound to play 15/30/60 mins to win any prize.

Don't be shy to criticize! :)