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Banned from chat

The moderator "Lew" has barred my account from using chat, I herewith request to have them reinstated.

I have enjoyed playing games on this site on and off for many years now, and have many friends whom i know offline and friends made on chesscube.

A moderator has decided to revoke my privileges for chatting with my opponents, and i understand that this is one of the main functions of the moderator. I also understand that chesscube can ban/silence/boot whomever they want, for whatever reasons they like.

Please understand that this is not a demand, but an appeal to the staff and community of chesscube, to review my case.

The reasons given for my punishment was:
1. Impersonation
2. Being offensive
3. Being a retard

If I may address the points:

3. Not true and irrevealevant

2. I understand that many people are offended at the mere sight of the particular retired president of the usa that this account uses as a profile picture, but others find it humorous, and have sent me friendly comments because of it.

1. Nobody believes, that I am really George Bush, and I herewith admit it. I have also played chessgames with accounts with names and images of the Queen of England, Robinhood, Che Guevara, Abraham Lincoln etc. and have not been fooled (or have I?).

I really simply wish to contact my friends on this site, type things like gg, thnxs, ..c3 was a great move, etc. and post in the politics/philosophy chat channel, but will refrain from the latter if it upsets so many people.

Anyway, my chat privileges are in your hands, thank you for reading this far.

sincerely yours....



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Re: Banned from chat

At least you got a reason. No one has even provided that for me. Also, support has not responded to my emails. Really, who wants to pay for a site that does not care for the players?

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