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Chesscube Censorship suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:23 am
by drwaltman
Hi Chesscube,

First of all I want to thank you for this great chess site! It's like the chess site the world has been waiting for :)

But as you can see in my subject I do have a question/suggestion. Currently a lot of words are censored on chesscube, even moderately foul and even human body parts are being censored. (And it's excrement).

I know that for some reason people in the USA want the internet censored, I know this from seeing a lot of USA based sites which seem to find the need to censor even words which might even have the slightest possibility to offend someone. But don't forget the rest of the world please, I can understand censoring really nasty stuff but right now it seems to be a too wide an area of censorship.

This could even be easily solved by making this an option to be able to receive this kind of language. A lot of people here aren't offended at all by the regular swears, they should be able to use those, and make the receiver the deciding factor. If someone doesn't mind, give an option to turn it off. Instead of been given a warning, just mention the opponent/spectator doesn't want this, and give the receiving end a notification in like 1 every ten times, so the users knows the option for turning it off.

I do want to make clear I'm not in favor of an avalanche of death threads with the most nasty stuff ever known to mankind, but to censor regular words is weird, I know US media is weird, but European people can handle naming a body part or function of 2 bodies in a dance of love.

Re: Chesscube Censorship suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:38 am
by Sean
ChessCube is a child-friendly website and community, therefore foul and abusive language will be censored. As our chat is live, when a user types an abusive word, its shown - meaning there is nothing a parent can do to prevent the child from seeing the word.

This is first and foremost a chess site: if you want to curse, please find a site that caters to that. What you are proposing - letting users act as abusively as they want towards each other is a recipe for chaos - we want this to be a civil site. If you must swear, then swear in private conversations and not in public chat rooms.


Re: Chesscube Censorship suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:02 am
by drwaltman

Why would this result in chaos? People who don't turn censoring of can just be show "......" for example. In private chats it's also prohibited, so that's no option.

I do acknowledge that this is a family friendly site, and it should stay like this. And with this it can stay like this. But the main point is that at this moment common words used in conversations are even censored. Even an innocent word like s*h*i*t is being censored. Give people an option.

At this moment censoring is used at the degree of US television and this is not how a large part of the world works, one can some words as swearing while others might think the same words are normal. (see my example in the paragraph above).

Once again, I can imagine that some words are being censored, but right now too much words are censored. And the words most people use are in the line of what children use anyway.

This is just a suggestion of course, besides this gripe I still find it the best chess site I've ever seen!! Of course it it your decision of how to run the server, I just think this option I offered is a better way of handling it then kicking people.