Please accept Bitcoin payments in Chesscube store!




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Please accept Bitcoin payments in Chesscube store!

Dear Chesscube,

I'd love to purchase some stuff in your store, however I don't want to support paypal or the banking industry with their credit cards (cause in my opinion they're all about greed, corruption, and involved in political issues like blocking wikileaks, amongst many other reasons).

Would you please consider to accept Bitcoin payments? Note that it's extremely easy to implement, and has lots of advantages for you as an online merchant (no risk of fraud or chargebacks, for example).

Also, if you prefer not to receive actual bitcoins but rather euros or dollars: there are plenty of Bitcoin payment providers that charge much lower fees than paypal or any credit card or other payment processor, and will exchange bitcoins to your preferred currency at their end, so you'd never even have to deal with any coins yourself.

And there's another important point to this: if you start accepting Bitcoin, you'd not only get more orders, but also tons and TONS of free publicity, resulting in even more customers.

Thanks for your consideration. As a big fan of Bitcoin, I hope I'll be able to spend my money with you guys soon. Cheers!



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Re: Please accept Bitcoin payments in Chesscube store!

pls send feedback and/or contact [email protected] to suggest it

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