crown and tickets replace to cubits




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crown and tickets replace to cubits

to mr. sean,i request the crown and tickets replace to cubits.becuase now i have only 2 cubits and 4-tickets.please our tickets into cubits so that we can play again.how can i play again if i have only 2cubits left.i cannot play in rated games nor in tournaments games because in tournaments games 5 cubits i need to enter the tournament.so how can i play again.if i have only 2cubits left?thank you for cooperation.rmaj...



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Re: crown and tickets replace to cubits

the feedback here is good,i once had a ticket and the tourney for which the ticket is used was over ,so i didnt know what to do with that ticket.A conversion of 100 cubits or around for a ticket can prove useful,maybe higher level tickets are worth high

the note is the feedback here has not been seen for few days,so u can either do it from app,by clicking feedback,or send this idea to [email protected],so the reply is fast.



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Re: crown and tickets replace to cubits

I agree,

We should be able to convert crown to cubits...to play tournament.



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