Post Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:48 am

Interesting ChessCube suggestion?

For almost all over the board tournaments, players who are not playing well in their games could reenter paying usually half the entry fee to start over.

I find It interesting and quite possible to add this idea to chesscube tournaments, making it more realistic.

Especially for tournaments like the 5 min fanatics. After a loss in round 1, some players may like to start over, with a 0 point in rd 1, but would help on tiebreaks.

Also, this would benefit ChessCube more as players would be paying extra to reenter.

Different tournaments could have different reentry rules. For example, in the Warzone Open (10 cubit one), if a player would like to reenter and get out of the negatives, they could pay 5 extra cubits to get back to 0.

When a player reenters, in the tournament, for example, using me: david_bragg has reentered the tournament

Please consider this suggestion, although I understand that it may be some hard work to add it.