Post Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:24 am

Banning chabiboy for cheating


In a previous forum, chabiboy claims that den_ise was his dad. Clearly, that is a lie. They: both play the same openings, same way underrated strength, and if you check IP, I bet they are played on the same computer. Also, chabiboy "returned to chess" the day den_ise got banned. Hm...

Also, chabiboy was cheating for more reasons than believed.

He was playingfor his friend syiane. When they were paired together, one of them purposely loses, and den_ise (the stronger player) plays the remaining games regardless of the account, which is cheating.

Also, as seen before, he purposely loses to get cubits from his "friend" accounts.

I would like ChessCube to reconsider this "second chance" as cheaters should be banned from this site.

Thank you!

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