lost on time during opponents move




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Re: lost on time during opponents move

This bug is happening very often, and mostly in tournaments games. Lost in time, while i have 2-or 3 or 5 or even more secs left on clock. Same time, sometimes lagging opponent is not moving, time counts till zero, then instead of flag on opponent - starts "checking game end with server" - counter ticks till 0 from nine and it can take even more seconds to finish game actually.
have measured same time my own ping to server, at this is usually stable - 100 -150 ms, with no big deviations or timeouts.

Cheesecube sucky programmers, fix it.



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Re: lost on time during opponents move

I just had this happen not only on my opponents moves, but while he was disconnected. We both had about 2 minutes left when he disconnected. I did NOT play a pre-move.

Then when his disconnect timer hit zero it said that I forfeited on time, while never reporting that he reconnected, or what his move was, and it said he had 0.5 seconds left on his game clock. My ping is very good with solid connection, so I know it wasn't an issue at my end, but something with the server.


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