Post Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:14 pm

Feature Request: Rooms like Pogo with chat and tables

I used to play on Pogo and that site gradually got worse so I moved to chesscube. But one thing that was very good there is small talk in the room between players who wait for games. I really liked that.

We have rooms too but these rooms are not game rooms. We have chat rooms here. At pogo they don't have chat rooms. They only have play rooms where you can chat and you can say things like "1 min game at table 7. No runners please". And somebody else would say, "Hey Mike, I will be there in 5 min. I will beat you up like yesterday". Everybody in the room would see that and could join the chat. People would start watching exciting games where people challenge each other before the game starts.

I used to watch a lot more games at Pogo and I knew a lot more about other players. Here the chat rooms are disconnected from the play rooms. That is not good. Also at pogo there is no list of game seekers. There is the room and in the room there are tables which you can visually see as small boxes. If somebody is sitting there, you see small player icons and their nicknames.

So I would see where Jim, Nick and John are playing and I would also see how many watchers are on those tables. It was very common to have more than 10 people watching the same game and taking turns (Loser stands) because at pogo you can stand from the table and you become a watcher.

Here is what you can do to make chesscube better:
1) Create rooms for each time duration. So one room called "1 minute games" and another called "5 minute games" and so on.
2) When people enter the room, on top of the page display 50 tables as small boxes.
3) At the bottom of the page add a room chat.

There are a lot more details like game options button which is clickable on the table box even by watchers but all options are greyed out for watchers. So people can see if colours will switch after each game or not, or if watchers are muted or not even before they join the table.

Also the ability to sort tables. You don't need tons of empty tables in front of you. Just one empty table at first table will do in case you want to set up one. The rest can be occupied tables. So you would see at one glance all the players in the room and who they are playing against and how many people are watching.