Post Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:04 am

Feature Request: "Loser Stands" Rooms


When I played at, a few 1 min players would gather in a room and we would take turns. There you could stand from the table and become a watcher. That's why is was possible to play in turns. This wasn't something the site creators had planned but was something we come up with and most of the time people would stand when they lose and they wouldn't jump in if it isn't their turn. If the table is too crowded usually one of the watchers would announce whose turn it is.

So there was no website structure to organize these games but there was a gentleman's agreement between players. To me this shows that there is demand to play these kind games and we would play them here too if only this site would allow us. It is technically impossible here. You can't sit or stand on a table.

I suggest creating the same feature here at chesscube but make it fully automated. So ideally, besides wagered games and tournaments you will have a third category called "loser stands" or "play in turns" or "how rooms" or whatever you want to call it. These tables should be walk in and leave anytime type tables.

I think just one table for 1 min players is enough. So you enter the table and by default you are watcher. Then inside the table there is a play button and when you click that you are added in the queue. A list of names should be displayed that shows the next few players.

After each game the loser of that game is moved to the end of the queue and the next person in line will start playing. Everything should be automated.

Let's say somebody joins but then doesn't move or isn't around when it's his turn. Obviously you don't want everybody wait for 1 minute for nothing. For 1 minute games, if your clock starts and you didn't move within 10 seconds, two things should happen:
1) The game stops and a new game starts with the next person in the queue
2) You are on top of the waiting list and you will play the next game.

This way, let's say you are second in the queue and go to the kitchen for a moment and your game starts when you are away. This can happen because games can end at anytime. You have no idea and you don't want to be stuck watching every second. So instead finding yourself at the bottom of the queue, the game moves on to next player but you remain on top of waiting list. On next game if you are still away then you will be moved to the end of the queue. Then next time when it is your turn if you are still away, you are removed from player list and you become a watcher.

You should be able to continue playing for hours. You might think how is this going to work? Shouldn't we give newcomers a chance to play too? Yes but all newcomers are automatically added to the queue. If there are 6 players waiting in the queue and somebody else comes, he will be the seventh player to play. When you lose you are moved to the end of the queue. So it is not like newcomers have any disadvantage against players who have been playing for hours.

Let's say a very strong player keeps beating everybody else. Again this doesn't prevent anybody to play because each game when somebody loses the queue will move on and eventually it will become your turn.

I mentioned this feature elsewhere together with other things but thought it should have its own topic. The Loser Stands games, combine watching and playing in a unique way. These games are really exciting. I wish we had them here. I would be playing all day long.