Post Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:33 pm

Poorest chess server i have ever seen

Yes, that's simple fact. I am playing around chess servers from year 1996. It make some experience with them, been in 20 or smth.

Chess cube stands out of the crowd, being least user friendly server i have ever been in.

Only thing, what makes stay in such environment is a lot of visitors. Obviously because no fee play is possible. And here positive side ends, period.

On negative side here are such features:

Administration yell's that feedback is very valuable. That's not true. Valued is only feedback given in manner of praising site in some way. Negative feedback is not answered, not taken into account, and even worse, often deleted. No issues you tell are corrected. Administration board tends to clean up even forum, to show they have no problematic issues at all. Only soviet union and northern Korea have such behavior in use even deeper - they actually painted grass to look it more green when some VIP was visiting region - to show "blistering shine on rotten tomatoes"

For second, this is most dishonest site on chess play itself.
Why? Inability and unwillingness of use proper time control.
What i mean under that statement:

1. Scheduled tournament can start some second or even minute before it's scheduled start time. That is not a occasion, this is more rule to start not in time.
2. Tournaments duration is told as time. You think 15 minutes or 30 minutes? Wrong.15 minutes means everything between 13:xx and 16:xx. Same counts for 30 minutes. Server is just unable to calculate time properly.
To make it even worse, every tournament starts at first game "[email protected]#*" applet, proposed to show time. This "clock" can show time negative, starts often with some seconds til 20 secs delay. This time is not accurate. You have to close it, because it sits on your board. Overall, you loose valuable time in every first tournament game.
3. Server is unable to start games or tournament has whole sometimes. Delay in starting can be more than 2 minutes, depending on nobody knows what.
4. Server is unable to check users disconnects. Even worse, sometimes it is unable to detect game end after user disconnected in first games first seconds till end of whole tournament. 15 minutes to check that first game in tournament is not ended ???
5. results are incorrect. often one can see, that tournament is completed message. Games still can start after that moment and sometimes there are 2 games played. But results of them are not taken into account.
Other times, you complete your game, but instantly, at very same moment you have told, tournament was finished. result of game is again not taken into account. were is problem- it finishes before actual scheduled tournament end time, sometimes 20-40 seconds left on tournament time.
6. very often you loose on opponents move. For example i have very stable lag 133ms. having 2-7 seconds on my clock left, i can make some 5-20 moves depending on position on-board. now.. i wait for opponents move, having no lag - ping to chess server is rough, and whoa, i am lost on time... it is happening, because server is unable to check lagging opponents move-time and take that into account. it is not possible to loose in time if my connection to server is equal, 0,133 secs, and 7 secs are removed from clock instantly after lagging opponent "made move". that was not my out of time, but opponents, but loss is calculated to you. you think this is an exception? think again, and measure yourself.
admins and site owners here, are not able, and do not have will to implement proper time control.
This site stays actually on too elements. There are enough stupid people to satisfied with poor implementation like chess-cube, and money. that's point 7
7. you think this site is free? think again. this is owners moneymaking machine. you can "show some love" - measured by money donated. every cubit and crown can be translated to money. every free game is money, every rated game is money.
Question, who pay that? answer is simple - you.
Those not good players enough to "stay on surface" without paying, buy cubits and/or membership. Others, waste their time and nerves, taking cubits away from equal or weaker players. those are workers of the ever-hungry site machinery. One retires, next addicted are behind the doors available. site features are important only as long machinery spindles and income is good.

Honest chess play, with equal possibilities to play has been never targets as such., whatever administrative tells. Otherwise, issues above and many many other problems, would be fixed long long time ago. And first thing, showing i am too right to handle - is if this topic is removed by moderator very soon after i post that.