Feature request: Add 3 seconds delay to first game




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Feature request: Add 3 seconds delay to first game

Wen I start seeking for a game most of the time I do other things before somebody shows up. I might watch a video on youtube, go over emails or just surf the web. But then when somebody suddenly starts the game, I have two different firefox windows open and each window has a few tabs on it. It takes me up to 3 seconds to get back to the game and I don't know if I'm black or white.

If I'm black it is fine but if I'm white sometimes my opponent quits during those 3 seconds. Yes one minute games are very quick and some players have no patience.

They might think that I'm away or that I use a software to play the game for me. That 3 second delay is no good. They might even add me to their block list. I sometimes do that myself although I wait 10 seconds.

My suggestion is, either give me the option to set up the table so I start with black or add a 2 or 3 second delay to the first game after the first beep sound but before white's clock starts running.

During those 3 seconds you could display a page with stats for both players. For example you could display how many games these two players have played against each other in the past and what the score is so far.



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Re: Feature request: Add 3 seconds delay to first game

manual accept ??

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