Post Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:01 pm

Add another cubit level between 550 and 2750


Can you please add another cubit level between 550 and 2750?

Also in the seek window I think it would be better to display the total cubit amount including the 15 cubits fee. So instead 25, 35, 55 for the first three levels, you could display 40, 50, 70 and leave the note at the bottom that says 15 cubit fee is included.

I think it was wise of you to have the same fee amount for all levels. This is very fair. Another good thing with the current setup are the first three levels. They are well thought out. For example if you have only 40 cubits left, after winning two 40 cubits games you will have 50, which takes you to the next level. Then after winning two 50 cubit games you will have 70 which is exactly the amount you need for the next level. I like that. Don't change the first three levels please.