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New user abuse

Good day,

There are a lot of frustrated 2200+ touranemtn rated people making everyday new ids 1300 tournament rated ids to just make honest people lose by time in 1 min games with over 25 secs advantage.

I would request to prevent that taking back the initial rating back to 1500 and taking the away the touranemtn handicap when one of these new ids play. I mean like in some other sites provisional ids(20 games less) do not affect to old players rating. All their games could be 1 min each that way you know that you are playing a provisional player in the tournamnet and he doesn't get all that time advantage to begin with.

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Re: New user abuse

Strongly rated returnees (eg. 2200+) are not supposed to enter lower rated tournaments such as <1600 and <1800 (as that is clearly seen as cheating, and reports of such are acted on).

You're raising a variation of this principle: in 'open to all' tournaments, a time handicap based on your rating applies and you suggest that strongly rated returnees ought not have this overwhelming time handicap advantage as if their playing strength were 1300.

I certainly agree that the present handicap system is very unfair in not taking this into account which undermines interest in this site's tournaments, and that a provisional rating process needs to be applied to returnees' tournament rating and is used to determine eligibility for a handicap advantage, in those tournaments where time handicaps are applied.

If it weren't for instances of more than one chesscube member using an IP address (such as several family members), I suppose tying the IP address to regular and tournament maximum rating would be an approach that avoids a fresh 'handle' from gaining such a huge advantage. Perhaps the rule could be: maximum rating levels are automatically associated with the IP address, except where application is specifically made (such as with family members) for exceptions.




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Re: New user abuse

I agree. I'm a 2200 player and I was annoyed with the 1300 start when I created a new account. It takes far too much time to rise my rating to 2200. This problem happens in regular wagered games too. I played a few tournaments but mostly I play regular 1 minute games.

I think the solution is to speed up rating increases during the first few games. If I play 10 games and win 9 of them at the beginning, and some of those players are 400+ points higher than me, then my rating should quickly rise from 1300 to 1800 in just 10 games. With 1700 ratings I was beating 2100 players and my rating was still raising far too slowly.

So please change the ratings algorithm to triple rating gains/loses during first 10 games. For example if I normally get 18 rating points after a win, if it is during first 10 games I should get 3x18=54 points. Then double from game 11 to 20. This way at the end of first 20 games new player will have a more realistic rating.

Also please change it back from 1300 to 1500 as well.

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