Players who accept a seek but don't move




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Players who accept a seek but don't move

This problem happens in 3 different ways and I have suggestions to fix it for each scenario. I know the admins on this website never listen to feedback but this is such an annoying problem I wanted to mention it anyway:

1. Non moving runner:
I start a seek. Somebody accepts it. Then 1 or seconds later the person leaves. Now I have to pause the youtube video I was watching while waiting. Then open the chesscube tab and start a new seek. Then the problem happens again. Sometimes it is even the exact same person.

Here is what I would like to happen:
After the player leaves, display a message for 2 seconds saying "restarting seek". Then restart the seek for me. Add some sound effects so I will know that this happens even if I'm not looking at the page. Also block the other player for 1 minute to discourage carelessly clicking on seeks.

2. Non moving player with white pieces:
I start a seek. A player accepts it. He has the white pieces but he doesn't move.

What I would like to happen:
Display a warning for 5 seconds on non-moving players screen after a certain time. To find the certain time, take 20% of the game time and take out 5 seconds. For example if this is a 1 minute game, 30% of 60 seconds is 18 seconds. Minus 5 is 13 seconds. After 13 seconds start displaying a warning for 5 seconds. It should say: you will lose the game if you don't move.

3. Non moving player with black pieces:
I start a seek. A player accepts it. He has the black pieces. I move but he doesn't.

Solution: same as #2. Give player 30% of game time to make his first move. If he doesn't move, he loses.



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Re: Players who accept a seek but don't move

Great idea but this wil make alot of players unappy becouse of lag,doing something quickly ect.So if there was a vote id say no,not a bad idea tho rather then letting them lose why not just add a tab where you can say i dont want to play this opponent for the next 24hrs.
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Re: Players who accept a seek but don't move

At least for the first scenario there might be a simple explanation: the accept-screen where you can pick opponents is refreshing so rapidly that sometimes you try to select one opponent but in the time it takes to do so it has refreshed and you in fact select another, oftenly at a time.control you don't want to play and/or at a stake amount one doesn't want to play. What else, save for quitting immediately, is one supposed to do?

A solution might be to refresh the selecting-list slower.


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