Post Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:56 pm

Players who accept a seek but don't move

This problem happens in 3 different ways and I have suggestions to fix it for each scenario. I know the admins on this website never listen to feedback but this is such an annoying problem I wanted to mention it anyway:

1. Non moving runner:
I start a seek. Somebody accepts it. Then 1 or seconds later the person leaves. Now I have to pause the youtube video I was watching while waiting. Then open the chesscube tab and start a new seek. Then the problem happens again. Sometimes it is even the exact same person.

Here is what I would like to happen:
After the player leaves, display a message for 2 seconds saying "restarting seek". Then restart the seek for me. Add some sound effects so I will know that this happens even if I'm not looking at the page. Also block the other player for 1 minute to discourage carelessly clicking on seeks.

2. Non moving player with white pieces:
I start a seek. A player accepts it. He has the white pieces but he doesn't move.

What I would like to happen:
Display a warning for 5 seconds on non-moving players screen after a certain time. To find the certain time, take 20% of the game time and take out 5 seconds. For example if this is a 1 minute game, 30% of 60 seconds is 18 seconds. Minus 5 is 13 seconds. After 13 seconds start displaying a warning for 5 seconds. It should say: you will lose the game if you don't move.

3. Non moving player with black pieces:
I start a seek. A player accepts it. He has the black pieces. I move but he doesn't.

Solution: same as #2. Give player 30% of game time to make his first move. If he doesn't move, he loses.