Post Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:20 pm

Bug Reports - and a Suggestion

First the bugs: since the last update (my feeling - cannot verify that) it happens more often that a game is forced to be drawn after ONLY TWO times the same position on board. This is extremely annoying because it usually happens in games where the winning play is just a matter of technique, not skill any more.

A minor bug is the display of the list of players seeking partners. At the bottom it reads "Plus 15 Cubits game fee except VIPs", but this amount was reduced in the last (or penultimate?) update to 12 Cubits. On the right hand display, where one can select the times and stakes for an eventual game offer of oneself the amount of 12 Cubits is named correctly. You might want to correct your code there.

At last a suggestion: right now you award experience points basically based on the number of games played. My suggestion is to change that and base it on the number of minutes of gameplay. The rationale is to award people for activity. Basing the XP system on the number of games automatically disadvantages all who play longer games. Nobody will get as many G5-games played as G1-games in the same amount of time.

I am aware there are weaknesses in my suggestion (one could start many "phantom games" at very long time controls just to boost his XP) and might be worth to think through puting in caps for the number of points a single game can earn. Still, i think my suggestion is worth considering it. Looking forward to your answer.