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Hi everyone, I want to tell you today about other Chess Variants and how COOL it would be to have them here on ChessCube.

The thing is, I've played chess for a long time now and I'm sick of the same ol' pieces and board. It's like every game is too similar, I always see the same patterns, same everything. I want to try something new. So I thought that it would be REALLY COOL to introduce other CHESS VARIANTS that have a bigger board (10x10 instead of 8x8 or even 10x12) and more pieces (like 20 pieces instead of 16). And also some new pieces would be cool like pieces that would have the combined abilities of both the rook and the bishop or the knight and the rook or something like that.

One of my favorite chess variant is CAPABLANCA CHESS VARIANT, here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about:


And besides, no one would be able to cheat anymore. It would be really cool to have this. :pray: :pray: :pray: :drool: 8-(



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ladies_man wrote: have the combined abilities of both the rook and the bishop

Also known as the queen.


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It would be nice to have one of this too, more posibilities nicer moves. I second it ^_^;

Although I don't really know if it is an easy task to do this. Seems like a nice idea.



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Hello, I created two variants of chess, one for a 8x8 board and another for a 12x12 board, I'll show first to 8x8.

Constitued by:

4 Pawns = Pawn of normal chess= 1 Value

4 Archers= Checkers of game of Checkers= 0.9 Values

1 Camel= Moves no more and no less than two houses to the sides, and forward and backward. = 1.1 Values

1 Lady= Like Knight and Tower, but with a range of only 2 homes= 4.3

1 Knight= Knight of Chess = 2.9

1 Queen= Queen of Chess = 9.5

1 King= King of Chess, but check-mate don´t finish the game, if Heir is alive.= 100

1 Bishop= Bishop of Chess, but he converts the enemy, who goes to Reserves.= 4.5

1 Elephant= Moves no more and no less than two houses to diagonals.= 1.1

1 Rook= Rook of Chess = 5.0

1 Minister= Rook+Knight = 8.8

1 Noble= Move as tower, capture as Bishop. = 4.1

1 Heir= Replace the king in case of check-mate, moves as Knight+King, he can´t attack, because he dies as enemy, in a suicide move, in check, is imobilized.= 25.0

1 General= Moves to any square at two range squares. = 3.6

1 Catapult= It captures other pieces without moving, is a long-range piece, he moves to 1 square in front, or 1 square in rear diagonals, but is power is capture without range limits, in front, behind, sides and front-diagonals.= 5.6

1 Castle= This piece captures not and isn´t captured, moves to any square except sides and behind, one only squar, this is a protective piece.= 1.8

1 Dragon= Moves two, and only two squares as queen, captures pieces with a range of one to two range.= 3.9

1 Cardinal= Converts as Bishop, moves as Bishop and Knight =9.2

Colocation of Pieces:

A1= Minister

B1= Noble

C1= Heir

D1= General

E1= Catapult

F1= Castle

G1= Dragon

H1= Cardeal

A2= Camel

B2= Lady

C2= Knight

D2= Queen

E2= King

F2= Bishop

G2= Elefant

H2= Rook

A3= Archer

B3= Pawn

C3= Archer

D3= Pawn

E3= Pawn

F3= Archer

G3= Pawn

H3= Archer

Archer can be promoved to Crossbowman, who moves as Double-Checkers.

Catapult can be promoted to Cannon, who in attack can kill two pieces in direction of this attack, this is the only piece that can kill two pieces at one play.

King can be promoted to Emperor, who moves as king and more one square to front, he need check-mate and duple-check to be killed.

King can castle with tower or camel.

Have you any sugestion to the game?



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I also second any game suggested by the great Capablanca!
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I have started to make some videos on chess variant endgames if you visit my youtube channel byakuugan86
Just let me know if there are any endgames you'd like explained better.



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adding BUGHOUSE would be a great idea!!!

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