Post Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:07 am

Remove the Doubling Cube, please

Hello everbody,

just my two cents about the doubling cube(DC).
Normally everbody hits the DC in the first couple of moves to get the maximum points out of their games. I dont even care if the opponent has 400+ elo, I just want to play the game. And it is annoying to get the pop up for accepting the DC.
I understand the thought behind the DC, you play your game and in a far superior position you activate the DC and you dont have to play out the trivial win or get more points for doing so. But in reality you already have activated it in the first 3 moves, so you have to play it out all the time.
And if you take a look at the top players in warzone tournaments, you will see they have won 10 out of 10 and had the DC in every game. But they would have been on top even without the DC, the only difference is, they would only have 55 points instead of 110.
So removing the DC would lead to a more fluid game play, because you dont have to click the DC or accept it in a pop up. You can play the games, as they come.

have fun,