Biased Tournament Times




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Biased Tournament Times

I've realized that the tournament times are kind of biased against players in some time zones. As a student living on the east coast in North America, I find it difficult to participate in a lot of the "important" Warzone tournaments (for crowns). Would it be possible to extend and add more tournaments, or at the very least stretch the times out so that players from different places can all receive a similar assortment of tournament opportunities?


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Re: Biased Tournament Times

I haven't noticed that but what I've noticed is that there are tournaments with big winning cubits that's free to enter, but only at night (I'm GMT+02:00).
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Re: Biased Tournament Times

I have the same complaint, being an Indian (GMT +5:30), playing the daily warzone finaly is virtually impossible as its almost at mid-night according to Indian timings!

My suggestion is that the tournament schedule should keep altering its timings every week by 2hours or so. Thi way everybody will eventually get to play in all tournaments (a).
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