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Game History

Hello. As a chess player i want to get better at chess. One way to do so is to look back at old games and see if you can improve your play or catch a mistake that you first didn't see. This is very annoying and nearly impossible to do because we have no way of sorting the games we played. Therefore we need to search a x number of mins to find the PNG of one game. Because of this i wish to request a new feature.
On the Game History page there should a row of symbols(check, X-mark,star,etc.) with a box next to each one. Every game has a empty box on the right side so you can label each game with a symbol by clicking the symbol and then the empty box. Then you can choose at the bottom of the page to show only the games marked with that symbol(for example only stars or stars and checks). This is useful if lets say you are starting to play the French. You want to see your games but only the one where you played the French. Therefore all you have to do is to label each game after it is played. This can also help if you want to see a new opening you made up or reflect on the games in the past to compare.
It would really help if you are allow to label the game as white or black to see your plays for each color. This can be shown by the box background. Also it would be great if you can do this right after you finish a game (on the page where it says Black wins or White lose etc) to limit going back and forth.
Thanks for your time. Pleases tell me what you think.



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Re: Game History


what if we have a search option in game history page to search games played with particular opponent.
most of the high rated players would appreciate it while reviewing their past games with other high rated players.

it will be more help full to other players who play lot of games to review their games with particular opponent.

Awaiting for the feed back,

thankyou . :-d

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