Warzone Simul Tornys




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Warzone Simul Tornys

I would like new warzone format with simultatous games being played, so instead of playing 2 min games and win or lose then next 2 min games.I was thinking of all players playing say 4,5,6.. ppl simutanous as one game finnishes the next starts so u constantly for the warzone time playing multiple games.

Then for hcping the torny u would have many controls u got time and piece hcp , also you could have lower rated ppl playing 3 games simultanous whislt mid table have 4 or 5 games playing simutanous and top players give them 8 or 10 games to play

This truly would turn the warzones into what it says warzone beware mines laid on all boards lol, think would be great fun to play and would have inbuilt ani cheating biult in to it by virtue of the multiple games played.

This feature would need auto board switching feature which in biulding this you could offer new feature of play the master simuls as this would have many of the same features as the warzone above so you get 2 great new features for the price of biulding the new warzone simul feature.


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Re: Warzone Simul Tornys

Dear FrannkBGambit,

I would really love to play 8~10 games simultanously but Ithink that you have forgotten one thing, I do not think that my pc would really make it to have so many games windows opened at the same time, I mean it gets really slow if I play for around 50/60 mins and just playing a warzone I do not want to know how much memory it would consume with 8~10 games played simultanously. + You say that higher rated players would have position + time handicap + 8~10 games to play, I think that even GM would have a hard time to win more than 3~4 games out of 8~10 they are playing simoutanously of 2/0 the most I have tried to play in yahoo were two 2 min games at a time, although it was fun it was not easy to play.

Although it would be quite ok if you can see all the 8~10 tables at the same time when you are playing them, as having the screen divided into 12 tables or so and one game in each table. Since changing windows to play is really annoying if you want to play simultanously. I think that the double cube function should be off since it would be too hard to know what match it is for.

It would be fun but I think that it won't be able to play since it would be really consuming not just for users pc but to the cc server too.

Regards Xabier.

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