johncenaa and coolchessgm TRAINING




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johncenaa and coolchessgm TRAINING

Hello cubers,

me and coolchessgm created a chess blog or a small site to share the chess articles and give training to others as what we know and especially to BEGINNERS, this is our blog >>> http://gmanandchess.blogspot.com/ ,you can visit it and click follow to get updates and can subscribe to mail to get the updates,so the switch is up with you,we will be posting more news,tips,and some others related to CHESS in our blog and teach you,we do coaching in chesscube, for getting training,you must be log in to cc with this >>>> http://www.chesscube.com/play/lessons/ ..

For details,contact coolchessgm,

Learn Chess From GrandMaster - http://rcaofficialpartner.blogspot.com/ . I teach beginners at chesscube.If you have any questions please contact me..!!Here is my website here and my youtube chess channel here



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Re: johncenaa and coolchessgm TRAINING

Friends... You can contact johncenaa too

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