Problem paring some players in Warezone final




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Problem paring some players in Warezone final

Ok. This is not first time , tournament with system errors. Big tournament, with big chance to take cubits good players.
Why, What now?


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Re: Problem paring some players in Warezone final

Good evening v_tasic,

There have been worse, specially around the first days of July and last days of June, I remember playing just 3 games in a warzone like this. After paying the entry fee 3 times due to lag. I had no problem today though. But I suppose it is the same issue.

I would suggest you to just give up, I did report it in its day but it seems like the server from July still have some issues left. Moreover it seems like no moderator or site admin was there watching or playing the final to help you get paired so you should just ask for refund of 500 cubits at most.

Regards Xabier.

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