Post Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:32 pm

Free Tournaments

There's eight free warzones with good prizes 4 of them for 150 levels players and another 4 for 250 levels players and ...

two of them 10 sec's + 1 ..960 chess free entry and with 1400 cubits prizes :animals-chickencatch:

I know it's hard to reach this level but if you buy VIP you will get high levels very soon and easily with 2x multiplier xp's :banana-rainbow: :banana-rock:

Its just soooooooo fun to play such warzones you will get warzones all they day long if you reach these levels ........

plus there's (10 sec's + 1 vip) (5 minutes vip tournament) (1 minute warzone) all these are free tournament for any level just

if you are VIP .

get VIP and you will have free tournaments day and night with too much prizes 8-(

+ there's VIP lounge for only VIP's players and VIP players can see other's history games from the first game he/she have played

and you can also see others stats :angelic-little:

hurry up and buy your VIP to get the 2x multiplier xp and free tournaments and much more !!!!!!!!!!!! :happy-bouncymagenta: