Chesscube Levels




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Chesscube Levels

I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a level 301? on CC? :think:..
post here a good reply.
.thnx and have a god day
--Reece (h)



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Re: Chesscube Levels

Hi Reece,

Nice to see you posting here. :-d

The maximum level you could reach on chesscube is 300, couple of users already achieved it :clap:

Detailed info about the leveling system could be found here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2411

I sometimes drift over this way,, but not very often



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Re: Chesscube Levels

i think he wants that kinda feature..maybe that would be essential if it is in the next Version of chesscube..!! Please feedback it reece..it would help
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Re: Chesscube Levels

Good day,

I have kind of heard that there was level 301 but that it is really hard to achive. Although it was just some talk I suppose.
Congrats to buildersalmar for being the first chesscube player to achive the 300 level by having leveled every level.

Regards Xabier.



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Re: Chesscube Levels

ok :dance: :( :( :(
but can whe get more levels?? :dance:
i love chess



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Re: Chesscube Levels

Yeah , now levels till 500 :dance:

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