International Grand Master and chess coach - Igor Smirnov




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International Grand Master and chess coach - Igor Smirnov

Hello friends,

International Grand Master and Chess coach - Igor Smirnov created his youtube channel recently.I want you all to subscribe to his channel and thumbs up his videos as he make good videos.

Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/GMIgorSmirnov

Please subscribe to the channel and thumbs up his videos.Feel free to share them and post comments there.

You can also know more about him and his websites

About GM Igor Smirnov : http://chess-teacher.com/en/smirnov

Remote Chess Academy : http://gmsmirnov.com/

Chess Teacher : http://chess-teacher.com/

Learn Chess From GrandMaster - http://rcaofficialpartner.blogspot.com/ . I teach beginners at chesscube.If you have any questions please contact me..!!Here is my website here and my youtube chess channel here



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Re: International Grand Master and chess coach - Igor Smirno

I can personally vouch for Igor Smirnov's teaching capabilities. Had bought his grandmaster's secrets and planning course few months back and they are truly awesome. Currently still working through the planning course along with Jeremy Silman's classic Amateur's Mind & Susan Polgar's tactics book slowly trying to assimilate and digest these concepts.

Coming to Smirnov's teaching style,below are some highlights of it:
1) uses very simple language and at times some humor and pun mixed to make it fun.
2) Real life examples instead of some dream position which rarely or never occurs in OTB games.
3) Beautiful and complex scenarios which suddenly seem simple with his narration.
4) Can install on upto 3-4 computers, viz cool!
5) Transcript of the video lessons is really thoughtful.
6) Practice positions and puzzles.
7) You will see immediate improvement in the sense that your board awareness will increase unlike before where patzers,amateurs and beginners use to shoot in dark.
8) Smirnov's course along with Silman's techniques should give a strong foundation for newbies or higher rated players alike.



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International Grand Master and chess coach Igor Smirnov

Sorry for the delay in my reply Angela. Thank you so much for your response, which was really helpful

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